Wednesday, February 09, 2005

The lake

Highland Resort

This is a man made lake.. so nicely developed into a fish pond.. you can go fishing and have weighed and cook at the restaurant.

Overlooking Bais

Overlooking Bais

Taken from a hotel above a hill in Bais!

Amidst the woods

Cool cottage amidst the woods in a mountain resort called "Highland REsort" in Mabinay, Neg. Oriental.

Mabinay 5

The Butterfly Chase


Fly Fly Fly... Butterfly! Whew! You have no idea! Been Chasing this butterfly when I took this shot! And its my perfect shot for the season! It is just a great feeling having it captured with my lenses!

The Birds and the bees and the colors and the trees

Birds singing... bees, butterflies flowing water... howelse can I describe a calm and peaceful moment... This is what I got! And I can hear these sounds when I take a moment to stare at this photo.

Sta. Monica Pool

My favorite portion of the pool.... the Kid's pool... submerge and sit in it... feel the heat of the sun... a book on one hand... a favorite icecold juice.. hhmmmm jst so tempting!